The Engineers of Tomorrow.

The Academy of Engineering at Mallard Creek High School answers an acute need for engineers in this country by educating high school scholars in the principles of engineering, and providing content in the fields of electronics, architecture, and civil engineering. We use the curriculum form, Project Lead The Way Inc (PLTW) in 4 out of 5 of our engineering courses. We benefit from support provided by the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME). These considerations all fall under an umbrella provided by the National Academy Foundation (NAF). Our Engineering Academy has achieved the level of Distinguished, which is the highest honor for a NAF academy. We hope you'll join us as we continue building a great tradition, leading the way for the engineers of tomorrow. The experience is well worth the admission, and the rewards are priceless.

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Our state of the art engineering classrooms promote a collaborative environment where students can interact with technology in real time to see the products of their efforts.

Our meetings are always engaging and educative, as students explore engineering through fun activities such as games, competitions, and interactive lessons.

These fellow AOE scholars are testing their products for the monthly competition. At the AOE meetings, students often compete with each other in hands-on design challenges. Students get points for effective designs, participation, and placement. In the end, the best-engineered product wins.

AOE Member, Demetrius Shaw, is receiving a ‘Student of The Year’ certificate from our 2018-2019 AOE coordinator, Mr. Powell. This award is a big honor in the Academy of Engineering. Students who receive this certificate have proven that they have acquired real-world problem solving skills.

As seen in the picture, students are discussing engineering design ideas over a delicious snack. Collaboration is a key part of the engineering process, and at AOE meetings, we strive to teach members the importance of teamwork. The Academy of Engineering strives to help all students get a taste of what engineering is really like in the real world.