Drafting pathway

This pathway entails four main classes:

Drafting I

Student will learning the basics of technical drawing using both pencil and paper and computer aided drafting, learn about sketching, basic skills, geometric constructions, multi-view drawing, and dimensioning. In addition, they will learn the basics of 2D-CAD as well as be introduced to 3D solid modeling.

Drafting II

Students will expand upon the knowledge they learned from Drafting I, and will continue to focus on 3D solid modeling and the more detailed aspects of design and modeling.

Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA)

Students learn important aspects of building and site design and development. They apply math, science, and standard engineering practices to design both residential and commercial projects and document their work using 3-D architectural design software.

+ Free choice of any of the following listed classes:

Introduction to Engineering Design (IED)

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)

Principles of Engineering (POE)

The course descriptions of the classes listed above can be viewed in the Manufacturing Pathway. In taking these courses, the student will still be listed as on the Drafting Pathway.